Demos & Audiobooks


Commercial Demo. 1 min 42 secs.

Includes smooth vocals, German, English, and Italian accents, plus Spanish, French, and German clips.


Narrative Demo. 1 min 46 secs. 

Includes vocal range with Uncle Ron, a French clip, and a strong reading of Sherlock Holmes.



I have narrated various audiobooks via Amazon Creative Exchange (ACX). These titles are available via,, and iTunes.



I am actively involved in the Dassault Systemes Boston Campus Toastmasters club. In 2017-2018, I am the VP of Education. Previously I held the roles of President and Treasurer. Below are recordings of some speeches that I have given.

  • click to watch videoLife is a Game of Inches. 6 mins 35 secs. Speech begins at 1 min 20 secs. Performed Dec 5, 2017. From the movie Any Given Sunday (1999) where Al Pacino as coach D’Amato gave this speech to inspire his team before an important playoff game.

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